1968 Nova SS

9 Second Street Machine

1968 Nova SS 9 Second Street Machine

440" Small Block Dart Little M Block

Tremec TKO-600 5 Speed

Vintage Air II

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Signifigant achievement's of this car:          

         We are fortunate to have both an Engine Dyno, and a Rear Wheel Dyno as a comparison.  I normally do a rear wheel dyno once a year to look for any anomolies that may crop up.

See Engine and Rear Wheel Dyno pages at left for the actual sheets. 

  Engine Dyno *625HP(*650+) and 600TQ with a Small Block engine.

*Chassis Dyno Rear Wheel  516HP and 491TQ

*CarCraft's Jan 2009 issue has a 660HP dyno proven engine makining 509HP at the wheels,mine made 516 at the wheels, so we know our engine dyno numbers are very conservative. The engine should have made 650HP+ on the engine dyno, but we had issues on the engine dyno that were only resolved after the engine was in-car. The engine has spun the rear wheels in 3rd gear at 85MPH not by power shifting, just from throttle pedal alone.   

440" 4.185 bore x 4" stroke with a  single 4 barrel ( Dart Little M Block ).

Based on me in the Nova and a full tank of gas the weight is 3,400lbs with a full trunk of gear, and full interior. I would think easy to shed at least 200-300 lbs gettting down to a race weight of 3,100-3,200lbs .On known HP and ET calcualtors this puts the Nova Sub 10 seconds at between 9.4 and 9.8 seconds for the 1/4 mile ( driver variable). There is no doubt that with slicks we could beat all of the cars listed below 0 to 60MPH, or to even 100 MPH. The Buggatti would be tuff to beat 0 to 130MPH because of its over 1,000HP and 4 wheel drive. The Nova has exceeded 165MPH, and was very stable at that speed. At 150 plus MPH in 5th gear it pulls so hard in 5th, it feels like a new Corvette  feels in passing gear. The pull at those speeds is scarry, plants you in the seat at 150 MPH. Top speed based on HP/TQ/gearing/Drag coeffiecient is in excess of 200MPH.  I have refused however to put a roll cage in the car just to test it in the 1/4 mile. I feel a traditional roll cage will destroy the cars almost stock appearance. Plus makes the car a target to be stopped   on the street for needless inspection.

There is a new rollcage comming out called Tigercage by Air ride technologies  www.ridetech.com  that i might consider putting in the Nova. Its a 100% bolt in, and allows very easy access in and out of the vehicle.    

 Taken from Car And Driver, December 2008 issue. 

  The main goal in building the Nova was to create a ride that would out perform 99.99% of  production cars made.

Not just in outright straight line 1/4 mile power, but handling, cornering, braking and above all keeping it street friendly, and enjoyable to drive. With dyno proven  625+HP and 600TQ the car easily street beats Viper's, Porche's, BMW M5's, Corvette Z07's, and will beat the new Corvette Supercharged Blue Devil as well. When compared to my daily driver a Mercedes SLK55 AMG with 7 speed paddle shifter, the Nova makes the Benz feel like a super under achiever. The SLK55 AMG was rated in the top 10 best sports cars in the world. 

In Vancouver BC Canada we have some of the strictest anti-polution vehicle laws in North America. It would be easy to make dirty power, and gobs of it, but we have acheived making this power and still passed all of the Aircare polution standards locally. In fact, during the Nova's 3 incarnations of engine driveline changes, we have always maintained its passing polution standard. It has been insured and plated 12 months per year for the last 12 concsecutive years. On average it is driven 6,000 miles per year, so is not simply a beauty queen.

No matter the type of show, indoor or outdoor the car takes a 1st place trophy in almost any event it enters, muscle, pro-street, super street, modifed street and street machine. In a recent 3 day indoor show it missed 1st place for street machine class loosing 1st place to a Chip Foose designed car.    

Fuel consumption tests have netted 16 MPG City, and 27 MPG highway with the airconditing blasting away.  Like any vehicle with serious power under foot, the mileage can, and does vary with the hammer effect on the throttle. 

The weight distribution of the car is exactly 50% front, 50% rear a feat only accomplished with the use its Small block Vrs Big Block engine. The balance for braking and handling cannot be overstated, weight distribution, or balance is a key factor in this cars handling ability.

 Originally owned by Mrs Wilma Wigglelsworth of North Vancouver, this unmolested Granny driven, non-hit Nova re-started life in 1996 with a total body off, interior out,  glass out restoration.   Wilma Factory ordered the Nova with a 6 CYL 3 speed Standard and drove the Nova 62,000 careful miles until she was in her 80's.

Body and paint by Erik's Restoration in Delta BC the Nova took 10 months of prep with 4 coats of base and 7 coats of clear. Erik's work has been well documented winning may national, and international awards.   http://www.eriks-customs.com/ . Floor pans were replaced along with some body panels as the vehicle was never in an accident, rust repair was the only need.

Paint is a newer 1995 factory colour with no added flake, so re-match if ever needed would be easy.


 Lazer straight, the vehicle in outdoor or indoor shows takes 1st place easily for appearance alone.  The paint has been wetsanded once, and still has enough clear to wetsand 2-3 more times. No rust whatsoever, it  has a hi tech bees wax rust inhibitor sprayed on all inner panel work.



Inner fenders, and rad support are powder coated for easy maintainance. Frame and rear suspension are all tripple coated black rust proof paint. 

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